Shaping the Future of IoT Solutions

By merging its Yonder™ platform with PCL’s Job Site Insights®, Latium Technologies takes an industry-leading position with a powerful and disruptive all-in-one solution.
Latium Technologies Job Site Insights Interface

A new era is dawning for Latium Technologies. Since 2019, Latium’s Yonder platform has provided leading industrial firms with an innovative, robust IoT operating system that brings real-time intelligence to the forefront of their job sites. By connecting to virtually any device on-site, Yonder has supplied the construction, pipeline, mining and inventory markets with immediate and comprehensive insights for data-driven decision making.

Now Yonder is merging with the Job Site Insights smart construction platform from PCL, one of North America’s top construction companies, and there’s a world of new opportunities on the horizon. Backed by PCL’s world-class technology team – and with PCL CIO Mark Bryant joining Latium as its new CEO – this merger will cement Latium’s position as an industry-leading IoT solutions provider.

A Record of Success

While Yonder has a proven history of delivering high-quality intelligence to multibillion-dollar clients, this merger with Job Site Insights will create an even stronger, more intelligent IoT platform.

“It made a lot of sense to combine the strengths of two organizations and platforms that were tackling the same vertical markets,” Bryant said, explaining the impetus behind the merger. “It synergizes the innovative ideas under one roof.”

Used by organizations across North America, Job Site Insights is a smart construction application that virtualizes and models a job site. It maps sensors, equipment, assets and people to a single interface, accessible from any PC or mobile device. Its state-of-the-art sensors track everything from sound vibrations and air quality to barometric pressure and gas leaks. By detecting and correcting adverse conditions, Job Site Insights helps clients avoid costly, detrimental risks.

In the construction sector, for example, large commercial contractors are using Job Site Insights to detect the temperature, strength, and maturity of concrete. Its sensors can also identify water leaks and automatically close the water supply, or measure and respond to temperature and humidity changes that could impair build quality. Sound and vibration detection protect job site personnel from unsafe noise levels, and GPS devices track equipment and materials, reducing search time for lost equipment.

Energy companies, meanwhile, use Job Site Insights to ensure the integrity of their pipeline infrastructure. Specialized sensors are attached to segments of pipe and calibrated to detect vibrations, and real-time alerts are pushed directly to security professionals. In the mining sector, Job Site Insights offers continuous monitoring of exposed mines and can even manage high-voltage cables

“We’re on the cusp of a digital era, not just in construction but in what building owners expect in a building.”

– Mark Bryant

Unified Insights

Yet Job Site Insights™ is more than an IoT platform: it’s a family of products and partners brought together into a single pane of glass, making it easier for users to get the information they need from each product.

Among others, these products include Job Site Access, which uses facial recognition technology to identify and admit authorized personnel to the job site. It also uses advanced thermal screening to detect elevated body temperatures, which could indicate public health risk. Job Site Resourcing, another part of this suite of products, manages the scheduling, delivery and movement of materials and equipment, alerting personnel to conditions that could jeopardize the project.

Job Site Insights™ unifies these disruptive technologies into an all-in-one solution, providing a consolidated overview of different data fields relevant to a project. “This centralized IoT solution doesn’t exist today in the industrial space,” Bryant added. Together, these products will complement Yonder to create a one-of-a-kind, best-in-class job site platform.

At the Forefront of the Future

By partnering with industry leader PCL, this merger will enhance Latium’s presence in the construction sector, serving a wider range of clients with increasingly complex needs. “We’re on the cusp of a digital era, not just in construction but in what building owners expect in a building,” Bryant said. “Now, we’ve got a team of software engineers and hardware engineers who are focused on the solutions our customers are telling us they need. This allows us to create the efficiencies that are required to custom-build those solutions. It means we can build better, more cost-effective solutions for the construction industry faster than anyone else.”

Yet the advantages go far beyond a single sector. Many of the construction solutions can seamlessly transfer into other verticals where Job Site Insights™ and Latium already operate, such as oil and gas, pipelines, and mining. In other words, the sky is the limit for new types of projects and industries Latium can service.

Bryant said that in five years, the IoT landscape will look “radically different” than it does today. These combined capabilities will place Latium on the leading edge of this transformation. “The industrial world has been a laggard in IoT compared to other verticals, such as financial services or even retail, but it’s undergoing so much digitization right now,” he said. “This is the foundational transition period – it’s happening right now, and we’re leading it.”