Pipeline Security Monitoring

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How Yonder is helping Canada’s largest pipeline project ensure the integrity of assets from vandalism & sabotage attempts.

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The Pipeline Industry is under attack – literally.

Across the globe, pipeline companies face threats from activists and saboteurs damaging pipe segments in order to:

  • Halt construction.
  • Cause costly damage to your materials and assets.
  • Disparage the oil and gas industry through environmental incidents.


And for Canada’s largest pipeline project, this was no exception.

“Between Alberta and BC, we are truly in the eye of the storm…”

– Chief Security Officer, Canada’s #1 Pipeline Project



Specialized reusable sensors are attached via magnet to segments of pipe and other equipment.

Sensors are calibrated to detect specific patterns in vibration associated with hammer strikes or drilling.

If a vibration event is detected, messages are captured by Edge Devices and pushed directly to security professionals via email, SMS, or mobile app.

Sensors can even be applied to assets in transit, filtering out road noise using our built-in edge analytics engine.



With Yonder, we provide security and project teams with the real-time insight required to address security concerns in real-time, ensuring the environmental viability of major pipeline projects and providing newfound peace of mind to landowners.

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