Case Study

Pacific Centre Rotunda Pavilion

Learn how JSR helps projects efficiently manage resources without jeopardizing worker safety during the reconstruction of a pavilion in downtown Vancouver, CAN.



Vancouver, BC, Canada


The Challenge

Despite restrictions and delays imposed by COVID-19, the project team decided to maintain the forecasted date, and begin the reconstruction of the pavilion. Given the circumstances of the project, the team would need: 

  • Assistance in carefully managing the weight on the project with the suspended slab. 
  • All facilitating and coordinating of deliveries and material transport to be carried out remotely. 

The Solution

Given JSR’s easy to use platform, the adoption of JSR was swift. Subcontractors quickly jumped onboard to integrate JSR’s booking and resource management software into their daily operations. Using JSR, the project was able to: 

  • Streamline subcontractor’s requests for superintendent approvals regarding resource use. 
  • Provide subcontractors control over scheduling their own deliveries and reduce workload for managers. 
  • Minimize the usage of printing and transfer of paper to therefore eliminate the need and upkeep of a delivery board on site. 

The Result

Due to the restrictions with COVID-19, JSR enabled the process to be as contactless without sacrificing schedule or causing miscommunication. Overall, the project successfully:  

  • Coordinated of all deliveries online and remotely to decrease exposure for site personnel.  
  • Completed all deliveries to and from site in an efficient and timely manner. 

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