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IoT in Oil and Gas

Latium is helping Oil & Gas companies maximize ROI, streamline workflows, and mitigate risk through our suite of proven IoT (Internet of Things) & Industrial Technology solutions.

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IoT in Oil and Gas Use Cases

The Energy industry is changing – and Latium Technologies is leading it.

Combining reusable wireless sensors, real-time telemetry data, and edge-analytics, our suite of field-hardened solutions provide Oil & Gas firms with the tools required to remain agile & competitive in an ever-changing market.

From our single pane of glass, users can:

  • Optimize Asset & Equipment Utilization
  • Identify changes in infrastructure operation (pumps, wells, pipelines)
  • Streamline workforce planning for major projects
  • Enhance safety initiatives through AI-enabled video monitoring
  • Audit performance and correlate unique data sets to optimize future work

IoT Solutions for the oil and gas industry

With Latium Technologies’ real-time monitoring and management software, major oil and gas companies can add tangible value to their projects and long-term operations. 

Data-Driven Decisions with Real-Time Monitoring

Combining smart wireless sensors and edge computing, we can provide field operations teams with real-time insight, notifications, and alerts to drive better operational decisions.

Easily Scalable Solutions

With our sensor-agnostic integration capabilities you can easily integrate both new and legacy devices within our platform, simplifying your digital transformation strategy.

Respond Immediately to Potential Hazards

Through real-time alerts & AI-enhanced visualizations, you can bolster HSE initiatives and ensure the safety of workers in real-time.

Manage Your Assets Efficiently

With our robust monitoring solutions, we provide fleet & asset managers with enhanced insights into their powered assets.

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