Case Study

Nabors Drilling

Learn how Latium’s Fleet Management™ application helped Nabors Drilling curb maintenance & repair costs by 25%.
Nabors Drilling

The Challenge

Nabors Drilling, one of the largest operators and contractors on earth, had a problem: they were spending too much on their fleet’s maintenance & repairs.


The Solution

By implementing smart vehicle & equipment devices across Nabors’ network of assets, Fleet Management provides both fleet & maintenance teams with a collaborative space to monitor and manage:

  • Upcoming & Overdue Maintenance Requirements
  • Engine Diagnostics & DTCs
  • Maintenance History of Individual Assets
  • Work orders & Purchase Orders
  • Vehicle Inspections

What is more, with Fleet Management’s customized reporting tools, Nabors’ team could easily generate weekly reports to help track cost of ownership, utilization rates, availability of assets, and more.


The Result

From our interface, Nabors was able to:

  • Reallocate under-utilized assets to different divisions
  • Streamline maintenance workflows and implement standardized SOPs through the application
  • Digitize maintenance billing & POs

This resulted in a 25% improvement in maintenance spend Year-over-Year thanks to the Fleet Management application.

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