Job Site Insights™

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Discover how Job Site Insights™ helps industrial firms of any size bring real, tangible value to their operations through real-time data & analytics.

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What Is

Job site insights™?

Job Site Insights™ is a dynamic IoT platform that centralizes data from any sensor & connected asset, providing real-time monitoring, threshold alerting, and insights to help industrial firms make more data-driven business decisions. 
Created for industry, by industry, JSI™ delivers a best-in-class solution to maximize ROI, enhance safety measures, mitigate rework, and streamline workflows.

Enabling Better Operational Decisions

on a Single Pane of Glass

JSI™ aggregates wireless IoT sensor data on a single pane of glass, enabling job site personnel to immediately respond to changing or adverse job site conditions and events. JSI™ is smarter construction, improved productivity, better build quality, faster completion and cost savings for builders and their clients.

Integrations For

Any use case

  • Tool & Materials Tracking
  • Vibration
  • Noise
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Water & Leak Detection
  • Dust & Particulates
  • Air Quality & VOCs


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Devices installed

50 Million+

Sq. Ft. of job sites monitored

Installed on Projects worth

$30 Billion+

Why Job site Insights™?

Built by industry, for industry

Job Site Insights™ was built in direct response to the real world risks and challenges faced by industrial firms, increasing productivity and reducing expenses through real-time insights.
That’s why more industrial firms are using this best-in-class solution to centralize data from their job sites to provide enhanced clarity to their major projects, with benefits like:

Customizable Threshold Alerting

Sensory Agnostic Integrations

Highly Scalable

In-Depth Analytics Made Easy

Decreases rework and schedule

Job Site Insights™ in action

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