Job Site Insights

JSI makes your project better, safer and more productive through Internet of Things.

Real-time data. Real-time results.

The Job Site Insight™ (JSI) suite of products includes all products, applications and sensors integrated and managed on a single screen for smart construction.

Internet of Things (IoT) sensors enable construction and industrial firms to reduce risk and drive better business decisions. Across hundreds of job sites, JSI is eliminating rework, improving quality, saving time, cutting costs and mitigating risks.

JSI analyzes IoT sensor telemetry from ruggedized sensors, continually monitoring the job site and alerting job site personnel to adverse conditions, risks, and events that, if not quickly detected and corrected, can be detrimental and costly.

Built upon 100+ years of construction insights gathered from thousands of job sites, JSI is a “software as a service” solution that integrates smart technologies on a single screen to drive operational job site excellence.

JSI and IoT: All the Information you Need on a Single Screen

JSI aggregates wireless IoT sensor data on a single screen, enabling job site personnel to immediately respond to changing or adverse job site conditions and events. JSI allows for smarter construction and industrial solutions, improved productivity, better build quality, faster completion and cost savings for owners and their clients.

JSI is continually expanding its sensory capabilities and adapting to the demands of the job site. Any long range sensor can be integrated into the platform.

Integrations for Any Use Case

Water leaks & flooding

Concrete strength and maturity

Air quality & dust particulates

Location, utilization of tools & materials

Carbon-based & electrical energy savings

Temperature & humidity


Water Leaks & Flooding

Concrete strength and maturity

Air quality

Location, utilization of tools & materials

Temperature & humidity

Carbon-based & electrical energy savings

Job Site Insights: The Future of Smart Industry

Discover how JSI can help construction and industrial firms of any size bring real, tangible value to their operations through real-time data and analytics.

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