Case Study

High-Voltage Cable Management

How JSI helps mining companies mitigate risk & streamline operations in their High Voltage Cable management.
Mining Case Study

The Challenge

In their Ore Mining operations, our client uses a fleet of specialty shovels powered by High Voltage electric cables. Like large extension cords, these cables move with the shovels; cables are often spliced together to increase the shovel’s range of motion.

However, for site managers, cable length must be kept top of mind – if they are too short, the shovel’s output is decreased, too long and there’s a potential lack of power.

To monitor the whereabouts of these cables, our client would pay workers to travel mine-sites finding cables and documenting:

  • What shovel they were attached to
  • Cable voltage & health
  • The length of interconnected spliced cables


This was done by hand, requiring a team of three to enter information manually before sending a report to Calgary – a task that could take as long as 30 days!

Something had to be done.


The Solution

By attaching ruggedized, specialty sensors to their intricate network of High Voltage cables, we’ve enabled them to remotely monitor their volatile assets in real-time using the Yonder platform.

From our backend interface, sensory data is displayed in realtime, offering managers and analysts truly holistic monitoring.

We also incorporated regular automated reports into our work, saving supervisors and analysts more time!


The Result

By implementing smart cable management, our clients in the mining sector have optimized their team’s time, reducing the time to gather cable configuration reports from 30 Days to mere Seconds.

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