Case Study

Ensign Energy

Discover how the Fleet Management™ application helped Ensign Energy reduced driver-related accidents through real-time telemetry monitoring.
Ensign Energy

The Challenge

After a series of fatal, speed-related accidents, Calgary-based Ensign Energy approached Latium to develop a custom technology solution that would help keep their drivers safe.


The Solution

With Fleet Management, smart devices are deployed across your network of vehicles & powered assets, capturing KPIs integral to driver safety such as:

  • Speed
  • Seatbelt Useage
  • Rough Road
  • Hard Braking/Cornering
  • And MUCH More

HSE & Operations managers can receive real-time insight and alerts into driver behavior, from speed, to seatbelt usage, rough road, hard braking/cornering, and more.


The Result

Since we introduced our technology, Ensign Energy has had zero speed-related fatalities, with a 90% reduction in driver-related incidents year-over-year.

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