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We are digitally transforming construction sites into smart sites using construction technology. Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions help construction sites reduce costs on building materials, optimize project management, reduce waste, and increase worker safety. Our IoT solutions help you monitor workers, assets, equipment and more in real-time.

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The Future of construction technology

With our smart construction solutions, we can transform general contractors and the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry into better builders with safer job sites and greater productivity.  Increasing efficiency throughout the construction process. 

Transforming Construction Into

Smart Construction

Latium Technologies delivers new and innovative solutions to construction sites. Helping you reduce costs, mitigate risk, and limit rework on major projects through building tech and construction tech. Our IoT solutions help construction companies increase profits within tight margins.

Manage Project Resources Effectively

Latium’s software solutions enable project teams to effectively manage the delivery, storage, and movement of a job site’s material.

Secure Your Job Site

Provide greater security to your job site and the site assets within it with Latium’s security software to monitor site access and the movement of site assets.

Gain Real-Time Data & Analytics

Centralize your data from any sensor & connected asset using Job Site Insights and receive real-time monitoring, threshold alerting, and insights on the conditions of your job site.

Prevent Schedule Delays & Damages

Put an end to rework costs and scheduling delays with the Job Site Insights mobile and web-based application to report on changes occurring on your job site.

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