Sensing issues before they occur: Managing job site risks in real-time

On construction sites, less and less is going unnoticed. The days of leaving concrete unattended, for instance — swinging the gates to the job site closed at the end of the night and trusting the heaters and hoarding to do their jobs — are on their way out. Sensors are making the transition possible. Each […]

Aon and Latium Technologies Revolutionize Construction Risk Management

Aon plc (NYSE: AON), a leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement and health solutions and Latium Technologies, a leading Industrial IoT firm, today announced a strategic alliance to introduce Latium’s Job Site Insights® (JSI®) Internet of Things (IoT) application and suite of products as a foundational risk mitigation tool […]

Latium Technologies Welcomes PCL’s Mark Bryant as CEO

Latium Technologies CEO Mark Bryant

Latium Technologies is pleased to welcome PCL Construction’s own Mark Bryant as our new CEO, as part of the recent merger of the Job Site Insight®’s interface with Latium’s IoT operating system, Yonder™. Mark will maintain his current position as PCL’s CIO.

Shaping the Future of IoT Solutions

Latium Technologies Job Site Insights Interface

By merging its Yonder™ platform with PCL’s Job Site Insights®, Latium Technologies takes an industry-leading position with a powerful and disruptive all-in-one solution.