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Holistic data gathered about your job site from IoT sensors is at your fingertips through Job Site Insight’s web portal. Get all the information you need to increase productivity and decrease costs in one easy-to-access dashboard.

Get Ahead

Use Job Site Insight’s sensor technology to make proactive decisions that keep your workers safe and your clients happy. Minimize construction project scheduling delays and costly rework with data that helps you move your project forward with speed and confidence.

Get To Work

Turn information into action and find innovative data-driven solutions to problems on current and future projects. Sharpen your competitive edge by offering clients more value for their money.

Learn About Latium Technology Solutions

With our suite of Industrial technology solutions, Latium Technologies is helping industrial firms of all sizes optimize their operations through real-time insight, data, IoT, and analytics. Learn more about Latium Technologies Industrial technology platforms today.

Job Site Insights

Real-time data. Real-time results.

IoT sensors enable construction & industrial firms to reduce risk and drive better business decisions. Across Hundreds of Job Sites, Job Site Insights Is Eliminating Rework, Improving Quality, Saving Time, Cutting Costs, and Mitigating Risks.

Job Site Access

Streamlining access to your job site.

Job Site Access (JSA) is a software platform designed to manage, control, and secure workforce access on job sites. JSA provides real-time tracking of gate activity, worker attendance, and worker trade and company affiliations.

Job Site Resourcing

Resource scheduling made simple.

JSR allows construction & industrial firms to manage materials and schedule equipment usage to eliminate idle time and bottlenecks.

Fleet Management

Simplified fleet & asset management.

Fleet Management helps manage the use of vehicles, equipment, and powered assets through a single platform, helping to reduce risk and maximize fleet return on investment.

Yonder OS

Edge to cloud IoT management solutions.

The JSI suite of products is powered by Yonder™ – a platform that enables construction & industrial firms to configure, access, & manage their network of data-generating assets, providing an easier way to scale IoT initiatives.

Job Site Staffing

Knowing what you have today and what you’ll need tomorrow.

Job Site Staffing helps construction & industrial firms manage job site labor forces, enabling them to efficiently plan and provision labor across their job sites.

Proven Scalability

15,000+ IoT Devices Installed

Trusted by some of the biggest names in Heavy Industry today, Latium's range of field-hardened sensors have set new standards when it comes to operating in severe conditions and providing dependable job site coverage.

50 Million+ Sq.Ft. of Job Sites Monitored

Leveraging LoRaWAN the network, Job Site Insights' suite of industrial solutions delivers unparalleled coverage on even the most remote job sites.

Installed on Projects Worth $30 Billion+

When it comes to major projects, every dollar counts. JSI is a proven way to maximize ROI on major projects and mitigate risks, enabling field operations teams to identify and respond to issues in real-time.

Technology Solutions for Industry

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Discover how the Job Site Insights suite of products is helping the construction industry mitigate risk, enhance workflows and build better.



Discover how Job Site Insights can help you transform your mining operation into a smart mine.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Discover how Latium is helping oil and gas companies maximize ROI, streamline workflows and mitigate risk through our suite of proven IoT and industrial technology solutions.

Pipeline Monitoring

Pipeline Monitoring

Discover how with Latium Technologies you can ensure the integrity and longevity of your pipeline infrastructure—from construction and beyond.


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Job Site Insights: The Future of Smart Industry​

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